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The ACCESS4All project supports in a holistic and integrated approach the capacity building of key-factors involved directly or indirectly with the disabled people integration. Statistical numbers reveal the necessity of this project. According to WHO’s World Report on Disability (2020), the estimated number of the world’s population that experience some form of disability is more than 15%. Eurostat reports that 37% of the EU-28 population aged 15 and over presents at least a form of disability, having (moderate or severe) physical or sensory limitations and experiencing personal and social barriers.

However, there is a general lack of proper information and awareness about disability. Municipalities, for example, lack the know-how needed to create disabled-friendly and accessible urban environments through targeted actions and initiatives.
As it comes from the above, people with disabilities face discrimination on a daily basis and experience: social exclusion, poverty, income inequalities, limited labor market choices, limited access to healthcare, justice, education and training.
It is of high value for them their access to the right of being active and equal members of the society by having as much as possible employment opportunities and access to cultural & social life.

Our Mission

“It’s not our disabilities, it’s our abilities that count.” – Chris Burke

To raise awareness on the needs and fundamental rights of persons with disabilities at local/regional level in order to practically enhance their quality of life.

To establish a validation procedure of skills and knowledge for the individuals / trainees engaged in the ACCESS4All capacity building actions.

To empower participants through capacity building and awareness actions on how to implement disability concern/focus policies in their area and facilitate the inclusion and quality of disabled members of community; accordingly, to provide them with skills and knowledge on campaigns/initiatives on positive, respectful and inclusive societies towards disabilities.


“I choose not to place DIS in my ability.” – Robert M. Hensel

The participants-trainees will gain the proper, necessary and update knowledge and skills on a variety of issues concerning disability and real inclusive contexts in regards with participation of disabled people in personal, labor and social life.

What is more, in regards with the wider audience, more and more people-local society members will be informed and be aware of the necessity for inclusive and non-discrimination practices with respect to the equal rights for all.

The trainees will be provided with the proper tools for their skills and knowledge validation.

Long Term Results

“When everyone else says you can’t, determination says YES YOU CAN” – Robert M. Hensel

People with disabilities will enjoy equal chances and opportunities in social, cultural and labor life.

The relevant policy makers/decision takers will have been further reinforced towards the exercising of disabled-friendly practices.

Local communities will be more inclusive.

Have Any Questions?

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