Press Release

Accessibility for all! The consortium travels for the 3rd transnational project meeting in Lille, France (April, 2022)

First day At the beginning of April 2022, on the 5th and the 6th, the partnership of ACCESS4All held its third international meeting (the 2nd face to face meeting of the project) in TANDEM PLUS’s premises in Lille, France. The intention of this meeting was, mainly, the discussion of the development and the implementation of […]

Accessibility for all! But how do we get there?

PRESS RELEASE Through ACCESS4ALL’s App & training modules we will be cultivating practices of inclusion for all citizens and providing a safe space for knowledge sharing to progress us into a society with accessibility for all. During the beginning of November 2021, the 4th and 5th to be exact, ACCESS4ALL held its first international meeting […]

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