Culture Polis


CulturePolis is a non-profit Civil Society Organization, founded in 2006 on the island of Corfu, Greece by former EU officials, academics and other professionals dedicated to promoting culture in Corfu, to inform and raise awareness, educate and train tourism and cultural professionals in terms of sustainability, to promote social cohesion through accessibility and intercultural dialogue as well as to promote innovation and technological progress in cultural tourism.
CulturePolis’ team meets these ambitious goals by leading and / or participating in the submission and implementation of many national, European and international projects – mainly co-financed by competitive EU programs such as Interreg, COSME, Creative Europe, ERASMUS +, Horizon 2020, Europe for Citizens etc., in collaboration with public and private organizations. Its main activities are the following: a) training seminars and workshops design and implementation, b) informative and raising awareness events and activities and consultation with stakeholders, c) production of innovative, digital cultural products and d) the development of cultural management methodologies.
CulturePolis has been active in Europe, the Balkans and the Mediterranean Basin while it disposes of a network of collaborating partners in neighboring countries. The organisation is part of important networks such as Anna Lindh Foundation, EUROTHENTICA Association SCIC G.E. ODYSSEA TOURISME ET CROISSANCE BLEUE and Trans Europe Halles. CulturePolis operates also as a host for specialized initiatives, and in this context has founded in 2020 the “Centre for Greek and Arabic Literature and Culure – K.El.A.L.P” –, promoting activities bringing closer the two peoples by intermediary of their cultures.

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