Our Last Online Meeting | 22 July 2022

Access4All will complete its journey on October 31st 2022  


The Access4All partners met online one last time to discuss the overall outcome of the project and the final steps for its completion. We focused on the following areas:


  • The Online Learning environment with the capacity-building modules that the team created and that is located at the project’s website; the Access4All Online Learning will be available to the audience very soon;
  • The creation of the Best Practices & Policy Book, which is centered on good practices and policy recommendations on local, national, and EU levels about matters related to disability and accessibility;
  • The National Workshops that will take place in September in the consortium’s countries; Austria, Cyprus, France, Greece, Italy, Spain; the National Workshops are events where the results of the project will be presented and implemented, and where stakeholders and all other interested individuals will be able to attend;
  • The Final Conference, which will take place in Athens, Greece, in the middle of October.


The Access4All team is working hard on producing the best possible results so stay tuned for all the latest updates!

Our Last Online Meeting | 22 July 2022
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