ACCESS4All Course Design and Development

The first milestone of our project is underway!


ACCESS4All team is currently developing the training modules to be addressed to public bodies/authorities staff, NGOs members, Associations and Organizations focusing on the issue of disability. This training will allow organizations, professionals and individuals to take advantage of modules courses for their upskilling, as well as to implement disability concern/focus policies in their area leading to respectful and inclusive societies towards disabilities.

The course will also give them the proper awareness for pursuing behavior, individual, social and institutional changes.

As a milestone concept here is that the curriculum will be flexible and will take into consideration the particulars needs and the different learning styles of the learners who may be persons with disabilities or even professionals such as psychologists, sociologists, etc. that belong to NGOs, public bodies, local associations and they are willing to undertake the responsibility of policies changes and responses to accessibility and inclusion strategies.
The first module is meant to introduce the concept of disability, describing the main related EU instruments, laws and resources. Would you like to know more?

Please get in touch with us by the website contact form, or find us on LinkedIn or Facebook channel!


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ACCESS4All Course Design and Development
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