Digital Accessibility

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How we can make accessibility part of our web development process

Digital accessibility should propel us into a more inclusive society by making information on the internet accessible to people with disabilities. To achieve this we must identify the barriers people with disabilities have while trying to access digital information.

‘The Web and Internet in whole is an increasingly important resource in many aspects of our life which includes: education, employment, government, commerce, health care, recreation, and more. It is important that the Web be accessible to everyone in order to provide equal access and equal opportunity to people with disabilities. An accessible Web can help people with disabilities participate more actively in society.’

Some recommendations include the use of alt-tags to describe an image, the use of better tables (make them understandable for screen readers), closed captions for media, etc. Web developers and our policy makers should be considering the limitations of the internet on people with disabilities in order to make the internet more inclusive.



Digital Accessibility
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