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Riferimenti bibliografici

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  “European strategy on disabilities 2010-2020: a renewed effort for a Europe without barriers” COM [2010] 636 Martin Buber, «I and Thou», «Understanding emotions», Active listening Skills, Examples and Exercises,

Ulteriori approfondimenti

  Pocock, N. (2020, October 6). Disability stereotypes in the media | Aruma. Aruma Disability Services. Dispelling stereotypes: promoting disability equality through film. (2010). Taylor & Francis. Darstellung von Menschen mit Behinderung in Medien. (2017). Voez. Medien. (2018, November 10). Barrierefreie Medien. Tagung Inklusion | Historisches Museum Frankfurt Digitale Medien […]

Riferimenti bibliogafici

  Barrierefreies Reisen in Österreich Barrierefreie Events Grundlagen und praktische Tipps zur Planung und Durchführung Authors: Hoffmann-Wagner, Kerstin, Jostes, Gudrun Handbuch Inklusion und Medienbildung Ingo Bosse | Jan-René Schluchter | Isabel Zorn Design for all     Please avoid using copyright-protected photos that are not available for free commercial use. Here […]

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