Tandem Plus Network

Tandem Plus Network

The TANDEM PLUS network, established in 2008, is a group of public and private organizations from several European and international countries.

TANDEM PLUS is based on the experiences of different countries preoccupied and affected by social exclusion and poverty. It brings together multidisciplinary partners to collectively address this problem by using human, technical and financial means.

The exchange of practices and experimentation allow to strengthen professional practices by appropriating the different integration policies from different countries and to build new means of action.

The organizations share and develop socio-economic dynamics at a multi-territorial scale, by involving, through an organized approach, actors from the economic, political, social, socio-cultural, training and research environment. They establish a multidimensional partnership around the integration of target audiences.

Based on the experiences considered to be positive and rewarding for all stakeholders, we take the opportunity to develop and complete the process of integration of vulnerable groups, confirming the legitimacy of our missions in the concerned territories, the recognition by the institutions from the member countries, but also from other European and international countries.

The network members have decided, in accordance with their missions, to coordinate their actions in order to design, develop and implement new scenarios and new methods of transnational cooperation.

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