Module 2

Accessibility and technology

  The digital era has led to advances in technology that have directly improved the quality of life for persons with disabilities.   According to Atkinson & Castro (2008) technology that improves accessibility for persons with disabilities falls into three categories. Assistive technology: More info Adaptive technology: More info Accessible technology: More info Websites for […]

Accessibility using Universal Design

  Universal Design is the design of products and environments to be accessible and usable to the greatest extent possible by all individuals, regardless of age, size or ability, without the need for adaptation or specialized design. Governments are guided by the Council of Europe (2015) to accept universal design as “a philosophy and strategy […]

What is accessibility

  According to the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (2006), accessibility is the right of all persons with disabilities to have access to environments, facilities, information, goods and services on an equal basis with others. Accessibility is more than access; it is “an enabler and facilitator for the valued existence and potential […]

Human rights approach towards disability

  The CRPD is the first international, legally binding instrument setting minimum standards for rights of people with disabilities, and the first human rights convention to which the EU has become a party. The CRPD seeks to bring about a paradigm shift in disability policy that is based on a new understanding of disabled persons. […]

Best practices

  This section seeks to highlight just some of the examples of good practice in EU member states. Sports for all Special Olympics for children with disabilities in Azerbaijan and Cyprus Wheelchair accessible beaches including Spain, Greece and Cyprus In Poland, the blind can follow sporting events thanks to audio description Sport activities for people […]

The European Disability Strategy 2010-2020

  The human right approach works as the backbone for the latest European Disability Strategies. The European Disability strategy 2010-2020 which builds upon the CRPD and take into account the experience of the Disability Action Plan (2004-2010), has a strong mandate to built the social and economic situation of people with disabilities. Its objectives are […]

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